Kia ora, hello and welcome to the world of Salt Music... we are a three piece band from New Zealand based in Christchurch who write and play our own music, shall we put a 'label' on our music? Nah, labels only serve to pigeon hole and place you in boxes which are boring... we just write songs and play music hoping people connect with what we are doing on some level, escape the world for a while and have a good time. We're on a musical journey and want to take you along with us! Our goal is similar to that of all musicians - sharing our love of what we do via our sounds and turning our music into a full time "happy place" career.

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Meet the band...

Brett McGuigan ('Bert Strum') has been a musician for some 20+ years having played in a number of covers and originals bands in Christchurch over this time. Brett's current hobby is catching the first of the summer surf.


Rach has been playing piano since childhood and contributes on keys and vocals.  She is also known to keep the lads fed with home-baked goodies & de-stresses by keeping fit..                                                    

 Dave Rawiri Brown ('Cash') on Guitar.......

Paul McGuigan ('MacX Ammo') on Drums..... 

 A Brief History

Back in the late 80's Bert answered an ad which was posted by a guitarist looking for people to join a band. So the friendship of Bert and Rawiri was formed and the rest they say is history.

They got their band going under the name of Barmy Army playing all originals, the reason being they sucked at playing covers! After a stint of playing gigs around Christchurch the band became frustrated not being able to secure a drummer. 

Having lived overseas MacX had not long arrived back home when he was approached by Bert to see if he would be interested in playing drums. Following a bit of a re-shuffle and a name change in 1990 the boys formed Shyster playing new songs, gigs, and supporting other original artists.

After a brief stint together MacX decided to jump ship and went off to play with The Holy Toledos and The Finnegans, all is forgiven now. Over the years Bert has continued writing and recording songs on his home recording unit, later putting a band together called Salt in 2010.

To date the band has released two CDs: Radio Station and The Greenman. Having trouble finding the right people for Salt, Bert only played a few live gigs and then went back to writing on his own. After living in Auckland then Kaikoura, Rawiri Cash and his family had relocated back to Christchurch. This was great news for Bert and MacX as they had been working on new songs and were looking for a guitarist... who better than their old friend Cash.

After all these years they are back together.... Salt hopes to see you soon at a live show, until then Salt says "enjoy the music" and "love & peace to all".




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