Radio Play 

Hey Greenman lovers - we are getting plenty of airplay via Lord Litter out of Germany through KWTF broadcasting from Bodega Bay, California, USA at 88.1 FM and streaming on the Internet at and Radio Marabu ( - go listen, go to our Facebook page and like us, join our mailing list, listen to the samples here but most importantly - share us!  Love SALT

ArtistFirst Radio Network Interview 

Ok - so we have an interview on the Artistfirst Radio network this coming Wednesday 19 - 10pm EST or 4pm Thursday 20 NZ time.  Log in and listen to tracks from our new EP The Greenman and see what we have to say about life!



The Greenman is HERE 

The long awaited EP has been released and is available for sale through CD Baby - check out the link on our page.  Enjoy the range and diversity of sounds we have given you in this 5-track EP.  And as always, let us know what you think!

New Website! 

Hey Salt Shakers!

So finally we have a new website - thanks HostBaby - and we have some new photos loaded and some snippets of our EP songs for a teaser.  We'll be updating continuously as we near our release date 31 Oct - so keep watchin!



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